Reader’s Stories

Reader’s Stories

Please supply us with stories of your experiences with Bell Canada in the comment section below. These stories will be approved without review. The comments published here do not reflect those of the publisher.

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  1. Not satisfied with Bell satelite service. Only interested in HD channels but forced to pay for digital ones I never watch.

    1. I think almost everyone who is subscribed to a TV service has an HDTV. Not sure why they want to waste bandwidth on channels nobody would watch on an HDTV.

  2. 20 years into Mobile, I watched MT&T become Aliant, then Bell Aliant, then Bell Mobility. They accepted my legacy month to month contract, with features more expensive than today. No text, 80 min daytime, not great, but I was happy.
    Then, I paid Bell to switch phones, and they removed essential services, which they would add back for $8 per month cost to me, or buy a more expensive plan. Still fighting, regulators are in their pockets, they investigate, find fault, then nothing is done. If you want to reach Bell’s ears, use a Class Action Lawsuit. One was filed for approved for court on 16 Dec 2013, for $100,000,000 , paid for by other customers ,on the same day Bell screwed me out of my long-term plan.
    BELL IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW, links and updates on Website link above.

  3. Last Tuesday(May 10) I phoned to inquire about a bundle for our cottage. We already have phone and Internet and I wanted to add TV. The person (female) that a talked with gave me all the info, confirmation # and what day/time the employee would be there to hook us up. I waited all day. They didn’t show up. I phoned Bell to find out what went wrong. They had no record of the transaction/confirmation #. Is this how you treat customers?

  4. fibe on my HD tv is constantly being disrupted, no service is the sign I see most on my TV… there have been countless hours on the phone with bell people, no solution, three technicians in house, still failing, will not recommend bell service to any family of friends.

    1. I agree with you. Happening to me now. 4 technicians. Worst customer service!! Promised iphone4s in 2013 and never got. Paying for fibe 25 now but not getting service. When there’s dampness forecasted then internet, cable and landline is out. After 20 years and treated horribly and not given the phone in 2013and paid at s time the package price, I am done, will not recommend bell!

  5. Reporting lost cell phone. I went to a bell store to get help with my lost phone. The very nice staff directed me to a land line to call customer service. It was very difficult to hear support because of noise in the mall & store. I asked if there was wifi so I could connect my tablet to contact my family.. reply – no wifi, you have to use your data. I went down the mall to have a choice of shaw, Rogers and Virgin. Really, no wifi? Disappointed

  6. I am 84 and have difficulty in navigating the internet.
    I signed up for bank automatic withdrawal, this took forever due to Bell employee’s who appeared not to be working for their salary. (putting in time?)How difficult is it to take the numbers I relayed to them from the bottom of my check.
    I drove to the mall, found a parking space and approached the kiosk, asking to have a paper bill sent to my home.
    I was informed she did not do that and gave me a number to call that turned out to be WRONG. What happened to good service.

  7. I moved so l sent back all my rental equipment,three boxes,l received a bill for the equipment,phoned bell gave them the three tracking numbers,today is eight months later and I get a bill from the collectors agency, bell is gaining a terrible reputation,please someone help me out here,what to do next?

  8. So few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to add the TV and phone as I already have internet for a very long while. So I call them and ask them about it and I get a decent price. So I order it and the appointment was made for Monday on a day I work so I still took it otherwise I would of get it at the end of April if I wanted an appointment for weekend.

    So far so good until today the day where my services are suppose to be here. So I leave work around 11:30 and arrive around 11:50 but guess what the technician has already pass by and said I wasn’t there. Seriously it’s not even 12:00. So obviously I’m mad. So I decide to call them and this is where it goes to hell. I’m talking with one agent that tells me they can’t do nothing. Seriously I’m mad right there. Then I get transfer to cancellation cause I’m pissed and do not wish to have another appointment due to them not following their own rules. So they cancel the order.

    Then I ask for cancellation for the internet I already had so I can get a few bucks off my bill per month. So again I need to repeat everything but the call hangs up while on hold so I get redirected to another agent which I can’t hear cause the tone of voice is so low. So I get transferred again until I get a supervisor but she try to enroll me again and I kinda want my tv so I say ok for Sunday only then she said she will call back. I was surprise that she call me back but she said $155 for the bundles. I’m like, “Hell no, that’s not what I was suppose to pay if you would done your job correctly.”

    I’m so pissed that I asked for someone who takes complaints but she said she’s the one that will do it. I’m so pissed off. She offers me $20 for all the unfortunate thing that happen to me. Of course I take it as it’s better than nothing But seriously Worst customer support and very very bad technician. I hate Bell. I will not refer you. The worst is I had a couple friend that wanted to go with them if all went good for me. So they just lost a few customer because of a stupid technician that just care about money and not customer.

    Anyway so to resume I don’t get the service I asked for then I get an horrible customer services throwing me at different agent and all this for more than two hours on the phone and having to repeat multiple time. The only reason I did not cancel my internet is that I need a fast upload and download speed so 300mb down 100mb upload unlimited.

  9. called today distraught about how to pay my bill…spoke with a very kind employee who was very understanding supportive and helpful…thanks Kevin…

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