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Customer Service Telephone Scripts

This portion of the website is currently a work in progress. The intention is to provide a script that you can follow with your Bell customer service representative in order to obtain your desired result.

In most cases, you need to be prepared prior to contacting Bell so that you know your best alternative to a negotiated agreement. This negotiation strategy requires that you are aware of the best alternative if you must cancel your service because you cannot come to acceptable terms with Bell. In most cases, this involves:

  • Being aware of competing offers from the competition;
  • Your cost to break your Bell contract. With Mobility, don’t forget to subtract the price that you may be able to obtain for your device on Kijiji or Craigslist; and
  • Cost to setup a new service with an alternate provider as well as the monthly costs.

The best method to obtain your result from a Bell customer service representative is to first escalate your call to a supervisor, being sure to request the supervisors name and employee number. Next, if you are not satisfied with the offer from the supervisor, you should request that you would like to cancel your service. This request will typically not actually result in cancellation, but instead result in your call being transferred to the customer retention department. The customer retention department has more power to make you matching offers with other service providers.

If you have any tips or advice about what was successful (or unsuccessful) in your customer service call with Bell, please share it below.

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  1. I can’t believe that the “Loyalty Department” doesn’t have e-mail. Everybody has. The ‘Chat’ person says I need to contact them.
    Please provide an e-mail contact in the Loyalty Department.

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